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What is a Draft Guard...?


Question - What is a draft guard?
Short answer - The unspoken heroes of any given season. 


Alternate image 1 for Morgan Home Solid Fleece Draft Guard in Chocolate

Long Answer - A draft guard  (or draft stopper or draft blocker) is a snakelike, cloth filled with poly batting and other materials for weight. Laid across cracks under doors and around windows, a draft guard acts like fabric weather-stripping. It prevents cold hair from blowing inside, as well as keeping warm air from escaping. 

The word draft automatically makes me think of those cold, gray months but the products we have are not limited to them! We aim to keep your home comfortable (and cute) all year around. With our large variety of fabrics and shapes you can find the perfect pieces to keep the precious A.C in in the summer too! 


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