What else can a door stopper do?

Cuddle Buddy

The soft plush textures of all of the designs allow them to be cuddled at night or during the day.


Book Ends

Use one or two to hold up your books in a stylish way. show off your personality with one of our designs.

Lap Buddy

Placing any of these on your lap is similar to a weighted lap blanket and can help reduce stress.


These make great centerpieces or general decor items, especially in our holiday collections. The new LED collection adds a touch of holiday flare wherever they are placed.

General Décor

Create a unique space with one of our designs. Adding a touch of your style to your book shelf or other common areas helps show who you are. With our wide array of fandom and cute and cuddly designs there is bound to be the perfect fit for your home or office. 


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